Exclusive Wine Scented Candle

Handmade Dutch wine scented candles

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Stay Cool With Wine Soap

“Natuurlijke” zepen zonder essentiële oliën, geschikt voor iedereen

Wine Candle – One Name.
One Legend.

The wines that started it all. Our passion for wine led to a deep dive into the floral, citrusy, herbaceous taste of white wines and the earthy, spicy, smoky, dark fruit-focused reds. Swirl your glass, take a deep breath, and meet our delicious wine Fragrance.


Vegan Sunflower wax


High Quality Products




Exclusive wine box gift packaging


The process of making wine scented candle

All our candles are hand poured and made and produced in the Netherlands.
We strive to use natural resources as much as possible,
combined with a beautiful sustainable packaging.

Vegan Wax

The wax we use comes from the Rhone in France.
100% Vegetable Sunflower Wax is made from the hydrogenation of sunflower oil, which is extracted from the seed of the plant.

Wine scents

We have our wine scents made exclusively in the Netherlands.
The most versatile perfumers provide a real wine experience.

“As if you are waltzing your glass of wine, releasing the aromas”,that is exactly what our wine candles smell like.

Candle Workshop

In our Candle Workshop in Venlo we produce our handmade candles with love.
Everything is done with precision and care, from pouring to finishing the candles.

Wine box packaging

All our candles are poured into beautiful glasses. We provide it with a beautiful silk ribbon and 3D logo.
Packaged in an original wine box makes this a perfect gift.